Understandably many of our customers are unsure about what can or cannot be achieved. Here we wish to explain a little of the technical background to the services we offer. (The Late) Maurizio Bertoli, one of the doyens of the stone restoration industry who always put his customers first, famously used the adage ‘Education before any sale.’  This sentiment firmly underpins the ethos of our company.



Pendulum Slip Testing is a preferred method of the Health and Safety Executive for assessing the potential of injury to pedestrians. For those responsible for business and industrial premises it is essential to be able to prove that every effort has been made to provide a safe environment. Pendulum Slip Testing is the only evidence that will be accepted in a UK court of law (BS7976).

Our service does not end with ‘The Test’. Should your floor fail to meet approved standards we will be pleased to advise you how it may be reinstated to an acceptable level of safety. Whilst for those that ‘pass’ we will suggest additional precautions and a regular maintenance regime that will keep the floor in an appropriate condition.

 Since slip resistance is a significant aspect of risk assessments we can undertake any alterations necessary to verify that you have exercised ‘due diligence’.