Understandably many of our customers are unsure about what can or cannot be achieved. Here we wish to explain a little of the technical background to the services we offer. (The Late) Maurizio Bertoli, one of the doyens of the stone restoration industry who always put his customers first, famously used the adage ‘Education before any sale.’  This sentiment firmly underpins the ethos of our company.


Tile & Stone Cleaning

This service is normally for existing floors or those ‘discovered’ under carpets in period properties, but can also be new floors. The process involves chemical products, such as alkaline and acid cleaners, in order to regain the ‘new’ look.  To protect and enhance your rejuvenated floor an appropriate sealer is subsequently applied.  We will consult with you in respect of ‘foot traffic’ giving careful consideration to factors such as the nature of the property, the location of the floor, children and pets.