Here are some of our latest successes, hopefully will help you imagine your floor once complete.

Whats Hidden under your carpet?


This floor had sadly been ‘hidden’ under a carpet and was impaired by the build-up, over many years, of adhesives and other materials from previous ‘improvements’.  We used strippers and powerful cleaning products to remove  disfiguring adhesives and grime. The floor was then further enhanced with a clear premium impregnating sealer.

100 year old carrera marble

This project, within a high profile department store, required the removal of lippage and re-honing the surface of the 100 year old Carrera marble to a high ‘Shine’.  Quite apart from the enhancement to the floor itself this area of the store  benefitted from a significant increase in sales.

Struggling with Your slate?


This floor was laid 15 years ago and was a danger to the customer’s children who kept tripping on the uncalibrated slate. Moreover, it was extremely hard work to keep clean. We removed the lippage, refinished and then sealed with a premium enhancing sealer. After the work had been carried out our ‘After-care Maintenance Plan’ has ensured the continuance of the high level of quality achieved. 

don't give up on your stone!



This marble floor was looking ‘tired’ as a result of poor maintenance and serious consideration was given to scrapping it altogether. However, the customer had a change of heart after we had rejuvenated the surface and given the floor a new lease of life.

Hidding the true nature of your stone


This black limestone was hiding its true beauty after years of abuse through improper maintenance. The careful use of honing powders restored the qualities of the surface.  Critically we then applied a premium enhancing sealer, which allows the stone to ‘breathe’.